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the woman behind the mask

Rock and Rhum is a graphic community owned by Bohemian Joker. Here you'll find icons, blends, walls, picspam and whatever I'd like to create and share with all of you. Just take a look, comment if you enojy and credit when use my stuff. Enjoy the stay and come back soon *I look like a shop assistant*
Just remember a couple of rules:

*DO NOT HOTLINK, it'll bring unpleasant concequences such as the loss of space in my bandwitch. Please, save what you want to your own server and then upload it again using free hosting servers.
*Do NOT claim my graphics as your own, and of course do not repost/edit it without a permission.
*DO CREDIT THEGRAPHICS, Feedback is appreciated so please credit rock_andrhum or bohemian_joker in your keywords. This is about respect and I guess all of you know what does it mean.
*for any question just ask me anything in a personal message and I'll be glad to answer.

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