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05 July 2009 @ 12:11 am
The Breakfast Club Picspam  

"...And these children
that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations.
They're quite aware
of what they're going through..."
David Bowie


: Questions?
Bender: Yeah, I've got a question. Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?
Vernon: I'll give you the answer to that question, Mr.Bender, next Saturday. Dont mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns.
Bender: That man is a brownie-hound.

Bender: I have such a deep admiration for guys who role around on the floor with other guys.
Andrew: You'd never miss it. You don't have any goals.
Bender: Oh, but I do. I want to be just like you. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights.
Brian: You wear tights?
Andrew: No, I do not wear tights. I wear the required uniform.
Brian: Tights.
Andrew: Shut up!

Vernon: You're not fooling anyone, Bender. The next screw that falls out is going to be you.
Bender: Eat my shorts.
Vernon: What was that?
Bender: Eat. My. Shorts.
Vernon: You just bought yourself another Saturday.
Bender: Ugh, I'm crushed.
Vernon: You just bought one more right there.
Bender: Well, I'm free the Saturday after that. Beyond that, I'm gonna have to check my calendar.
Vernon: Good. Because its going to be filled. We'll keep going. Want another one? Say the word. Just say the word. Instead of going to prison you'll come here. Are you through?
Bender: No.
Vernon: I'm doing society a favor.
Bender: So?
Vernon: Thats another one right now. I've got you the rest of your natural born life if you don't watch your step! You want another one?
Bender: Yes.
Vernon: You got it! Right there, thats another one pal.
Claire: Cut it out!
Vernon: You through?
Bender: Not even close, BUD.
Vernon: Good. You got one more, right there.
Bender: You really think I give a shit?
Vernon: Another. You through?
Bender: How many is that?
Brian: Thats seven including when you asked Mr.Vernon here if Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet.
Vernon: Now its eight.You stay out of this.
Brian: Excuse me, sir, its seven.
Vernon: Shut up, Peewee. You're mine, Bender.For two months, I've gotcha.
Bender: What can I say? I'm THRILLED.

: Theres nothing to do when you're locked in a vacancy.
Andrew: Well, speak for yourself.
Bender: Do you think I'd speak for you? I don't even know your language.

Bender: Uh, Dick? Excuse me; Rich. Will milk be made available to us?
Andrew: We're extremely thirsty, sir.
Claire: I have a really low tolerance for dehydration.
Andrew: I've seen her dehydrate, sir. It's pretty gross.

Bender: Well, Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?
Brian: Uh, no. Mr. Johnson.

Bender: Being bad feels pretty good, huh?

Brian: Chicks cannot hold their smoke, thats what it is...

Brian: [after Brian explains his F in shop] Did you know without trigonometry, there'd be no engineering?
Bender: Without lamps, there'd be no light.

: [after Claire has given Allison a makeover] What happened to you?
Allison: Why? Claire did it... What's wrong?
Andrew: Nothing's wrong... it's just so different, you know? I can see your face.
Allison:Is that good or bad?
Andrew: It's good.

The Breakfast Club: Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, but we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.

But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

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♠: 01snowlullaby on July 5th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
Gwaaah quanto amo questo film <3
bohemian_joker: smilebohemian_joker on July 5th, 2009 11:40 am (UTC)
è stato il tuo amore per il film a farmi venire il barlume d'idea *ç*
Come si può non amarlo? E' un tripudio di adolescenti degli 80s complessati che ballano come degli idioti *LMAO*